Review Policy

Reviews are an important part of the value we offer, and we take them seriously.

Must be relevant

Any review provided must be specific to the item being reviewed. This means it must pertain to some element of quality, service or experience. Reviews that are not relevant to the product or service being offered are not helpful.

Must be personal

Reviews must be written about your own experience and cannot be based on the experience of someone else. Reviews must not reference any other review or user on Ganja Gurus.

Must not contain offensive & derogatory content

Reviews must not contain any racially sensitive, expletive or otherwise derogatory terminology. The definition for what constitutes as sensitive, expletive or derogatory is at the discretion of our administrators and is subject to change.

Must not contain private information

No review can contain the full name, contact information or any other private information of any human being. Reviews do not need this kind of information to be valuable, and it can put others in danger of having their information stolen.

Review bombing is prohibited

We moderate our reviews closely to prevent review bombing. We will remove any reviews that seem to be duplicated or left by the same person or organization. Review spamming reduces the integrity of all reviews, don’t do it!

Conflict of Interest

If you are a current or former employee of a business listed on Ganja Gurus, or are otherwise affiliated professionally with any competing businesses, we ask you to refrain from leaving a review.

Spamming is prohibited

Users can only leave 1 review per item, per account to avoid the same users leaving multiple reviews on a single item. You can edit or Remove your review at any time if you wish to provide an update or talk about a new experience.

Illegal content is prohibited

Reviews cannot contain any illegal information or representations of illegal events. This includes mentions of illegal organizations or accusations of illegal activity.

False reporting

If you are reporting a review, it must be based on an interpreted violation of one or more of the rules listed here. Reports that are frequently found to be inaccurate are not helpful to our moderation team.


All reviews must be genuine and posted by the user who had the experience. Reviews that imitate other experiences compromise the integrity of all reviews and are subject to removal at the discretion of the administrator.

If you are found to be in violation of any of these rules, your account and/or content is subject to permanent removal from Ganja Gurus without notice. Contact and moderation as a result of any of these rules being violated is at the discretion of the administrator, and thus is subject to change. If you have any questions about these rules, please do not hesitate to contact an administrator at