Our Core Values

Know who we are before you choose to partner with us.

Our Core Values

The Tenants that a company builds itself on are important. Those Values and the Mission Statement go to shape the corporate identity and who/what it will grow into in the future. When coming up with these pillars, we focused on what businesses around us were doing (or more specifically, not doing) and we committed to push forward and be better, and to hold ourselves to a higher standard.


It is very simple to promise a bunch of things to someone, and to not ever deliver. Our promise to you is that when we commit to something, we will prove that it is happening.


We believe that everyone is free to make their own choices, its one of the wonderful things about living in Canada! We don’t believe you should be forced to purchase your Cannabis (whether it be Medicinal or Recreational) from a overpriced, monopolized market. We at Ganja Gurus are building a marketplace where all licensed producers and retailers can get their businesses, and their product menus listed online for an extremely aggressive price. We don’t believe that only the companies that can pay top dollar should be the only ones that can be featured. More choices for the end user builds a larger access to products and more choice, as well as creating some competition in the market, because we all know that a little competition is healthy!


We consider Ganja Gurus to be powered “By the People, For the People”. We are integrating reviews and feedback systems so that end users will be able to Rate not only a business, but its specific products AND the Brands that they love. We don’t think of our Users as “Businesses” and “Users” or “Clients”. We are a Community. We need to rely on each other and work together to get stronger, this is no different for a business, or a website than it is for a City or a Village.


Some of the other directories available today are EXTREMELY expensive to be a part of. Our Commitment to you, is that we will never over inflate our prices. We commit to maintaining fair market value for all of our products and services, not just now but forever.