Terms and Conditions

Updated: October 7, 2020

At GanjaGurus we believe in Full Transparency. It is for this reason that we want to explain both our Terms and Conditions as well as our Launch Plan and exactly how we will be using the revenue coming in from Companies like you.

Mission Statement

GanjaGurus was founded because our competitors have taken a firm stance on who they will allow for Dispensaries and Delivery Services in Canada. We believe that it is YOUR right to determine who to buy your medicine from and not to be gouged by paying ridiculously high prices. Our Mission Statement – Is to give you more OPTIONS, RESOURCES and ASSISTANCE in finding your medicine and not to limit your choices. We will strive to give you the best options of Licensed Producers in Canada and price ranges varying from Entry Level to the more Exotic, harder to locate Cannabis.

From a retailer perspective, the cost of advertising with some of our competitors is astronomical and ultimately cost prohibitive (we were paying over 35k Every Month!)- especially given the current state of our economy. Our Pricing Structure at Ganja Gurus is a fraction of the cost of some of our competitors, so that you can spend your money on sourcing top quality product and not drowning in advertising costs.

While we recognise that we are a startup, we feel that it is important for you to know how we will be using your money, and ultimately, how it will benefit you in the end. See Our Core Values for more insight into our Company.

Launch Plan & Advertising

For the foreseeable future, all revenue that is generated from Licensed Retailers, Dispensaries and Delivery Services in Canada will be used to bolster our advertising programs and drive more traffic to your pages. What is even better, is that the revenue that comes in from each area, will be refocused into Advertising IN YOUR AREA, it wont be spread out all over the country. This means that your advertising dollars will be used to drive local traffic back to you. We believe in supporting local in every city that we are in. Without Small Business, we all lose.

Basic Listings & Billing

As we start the onboarding process, we will be signing up interested parties in Basic Listings. This means you can get a head start in getting your listings ready before launch. As soon as you complete the onboarding process you will be charged immediately for the cost of your basic listing. However, your 30 days of advertising at that cost will not start until the website launches. (This means that if you Sign up in August and pay your fees in August, but the site doesn’t launch until Oct 1, your billing period will not start until Oct 1, making your next bill due on Nov 1).

Billing for your Existing Featured Position (or Basic Listing) is done on the renewal date and covers the next 30 days. Payment needs to be received within 24 hours of your renewal date (unless exception is made) otherwise your listing could be suspended until payment is received.

Billing for Successful bids on Featured Placements: Upon receiving notification that you have won the bid for your requested featured position, payment much be received within 24 hours of the winning bit notification, or by the Renewal Date on the listing (whichever comes first). If payment is not received in time, your listing may be forfeited to the next highest bidder, or back to the current occupant of the featured listing in question (whichever is applicable).

Featured Listings

As we get closer to the launch date, we will send out an announcement opening the bidding for the Top 10 Featured Positions. When this happens, a “Bid Sheet” will be available that will show all of the featured positions in each category, their renewal date, and the current top bid. Bidding for Placement 1-10 will start at $1000.00.

Important Note: The initial renwal dates for Positions 1-5 will be on the 16th of every month, and Positions 6-10 will be on the 7th of Every month. For the inital bidding. There will be “Bonus” free time at your Featured Position prior to billing commencement.

For Example: If the website goes live on the 1st of the Month, your Featured position will go live with the site on the 1st, but your billing will not START until the renewal date. This means that for positions 1-5, you will have from the 1st until the 14th of the Month as “Bonus” free time (14 days Free). Your billing will not start until the 16th. For Positions 6-10, if the renewal date is the 7th, and we go live on the 1st, you will get 6 days for free before your billing cycle starts.

If you have any questions, please direct them to your Account Manager or Customer Service Person.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.