January 26, 2021

What Are Some of The Best Ways To Smoke Weed?

So you’ve made it to the store, picked up a couple of new buds to try, and want to experiment with different methods to see what gives you the best high. There are dozens of ways you may have heard of people using back in MacGyver style situations when they didn’t have the proper tools like apples, tinfoil, pop cans, blades, etc. but today we will be examining the most popular methods and the pros and cons of each one to give you some ideas and get you rolling (or dabbing, vaping, hitting the bong, whatever floats your boat)!

The Classic Joint

Starting with the most recognizable method of smoking weed that we’ve all seen Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Matthew McConaughey talk about, sing about, or smoke in TVs, Movies, and concerts we’ll break down the pros and cons of the classic joint. Something that involves a process that some consider relaxing as a prelude to consumption. The joint has been for years and will remain a staple in the stoner community for many more to come.


Now that pre-rolled joints are available to buy from dispensaries you can save part of the process and walk in, pick your preferred strain, and be smoking in under a minute. With that high hitting you in minutes a joint is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of the bud. If you prefer to roll your own with some practice and video guides you have much more power and can create joints of any size! From there, you can do this on the go depending on your environment and they can be quite small and travel/hide easily as needed or quite large to share with friends if needed. Finally, joints leave no trace behind after you burn it it’s gone unlike some of the other methods that require hardware.


If you make your joint rather than purchasing a pre-rolled you’re going to very likely need three things: papers and practice. One of these things can be bought very cheap at any headshop, gas station, or some novelty stores, but the second may take some time to learn and can cost you some previous buds if rolled wrong or it ends up burning unevenly. Additionally, you can’t hide the smell of a joint making them less discrete in an indoor environment, apartment livers may have experience with a neighbor down the hall that has a smell any time you walk past the elevator. Finally, smoking a joint can contain toxins, ash, and tars that are harsh on the lungs and result in a slower or reduced high if you begin coughing resulting in a waste of bud.


Like the joint, the bong is one of the most recognizable methods to smoke weed that we’ve seen in pop culture through the years. The reason being of course is simply put they work great and have a large amount of customization in ways they work as well as show off your personality. Just the bong category can be broken down further into gravity, waterfall, multi-chamber, percolator, carburetor, etc. and there are hundreds of varieties and styles to choose from. The feature they share, however, is that the smoke will generally pass through or make contact with water before the smoke from the bowl entering your lungs.


The biggest upside to a bong over the joint is that there is a filtration process involved which can take out many large particles that can cause damage to your lungs as well as cool down the temperature of the smoke allowing for easier inhalation by the smoker. This can result in a cleaner, smoother inhale along with much bigger hits than other devices which ultimately can result in a stronger high and a higher amount of THC consumed per toke. Finally, a bong can come in many shapes, materials, and styles allowing for a user to experiment and find their favorite style before picking a color/shape that shows off their personality.


Unfortunately, due to this same filtration process that takes out the particles we don’t want going into our bodies, bongs can also capture some of the THC or other cannabinoids that we want to be inhaling to create our high. This filtration process is quite effective and as a result, maintaining the bong does take a bit of work, and changing the water frequently is recommended to maintain the purity of the bud. On top of this many bongs are fragile if made from glass (and we recommend glass over plastic due to durability and potential for cheaper plastic to leak chemicals) and do not transport well-meaning that they often are part of a home setup and not something that you can discretely bring with you when looking to smoke some on the fly. A good bong can be pricy and depending on the user if they’re not careful after consumption pricy accidents can also happen!

Vaporizers & Vape Pens

Vaporizers have become increasingly common after making a surge in the tobacco market as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Today they have become quite popular as an alternative to smoking using joints or bongs. Many suppliers offer their brand of vaporizers or in some cases vape pens using oil or concentrate, and they are also available with a dry herb form allowing for several choices to be made for the consumer. Offering a few distinct advantages over more common methods of smoking it is easy to see why the vaporizer is becoming more common to see today.


Generally speaking, the advantages to using a vape or g-pen come in the form of its distinct size and portability, while still offering the same or in some cases better high than its bong or joint counterparts. Depending on if you choose dry herb vs an oil/concentrate the smoke produced can have distinct aromas or in some cases be odorless and can be used in indoor situations without leaving much of a trace. If choosing a dry herb, then the terpenes and flavor can often become more noticeable while also producing a softer smoke and smoother toke. Many users prefer a dry herb vape as the temperature can be controlled and allow a user to test different heat settings on different strains to see which brings out the best high. No outside heat source is required just charge and go, and the efficiency from the heating process often means that a vape will allow for many highs on one fill (for both herbs and oils/concentrates).


Much like a bong to be able to get rolling using a vape you have to make a solid investment to get solid quality and durability. Though there are many budget vapes out there we recommend researching to find the best ones and get the most bang for your buck. Once you have a vape handy there’s one other piece of equipment needed and that is a grinder. Readily available to buy but not always handy on your person when out and about. There is some trial and error involved with getting the grind to the right size to get the best high, as well as playing around with the temperature settings when inhaling from the vape and as a result, this can lead to wasted bud for new users looking for the best high. Similar to the bong there is upkeep required with a vape and keeping the chamber clean to ensure no build up long term which can be a pain in some cases without the right tools, and finally, a vape needs to be changed regularly depending on the use, a lighter will often last much longer than a single vape charge!

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