February 25, 2021

Store-Bought vs Street Cannabis: The Black, The Grey and The Ganja

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Black Market Weed 

The reality after legalization is that many smokers are still turning to their dealers for their weed supply. Whether due to past relationships with your dealer turned bud, the convenience & discretion of not having to find a dispensary when you can just call up a number and meet close to your home, and cost-effectiveness show us that the demand for black market weed will likely always be here.

Pros to Black Market Weed

Prices! Black market prices are continuously dropping to compete with the advantages offered by dispensaries. This is an attractive offer for many users who benefit from receiving more weed for the same amount spent. You can use that savings on munchies, video games, or keep it in your bank the power lies in your hands instead of the governments!

Your Bud Bud Over time your dealer can become a friend, sometimes hooking you up with free bud, sticking around to share some and smoke with you, or letting you pay back later. On top of this, they can offer flexibility and discretion for those concerned about being spotted in public settings picking up their weed. Your dealer will likely have a steady relationship with his supplier and know exactly what they’re providing and be able to relay this to you to feel more confident in your purchases over time.

Every community has one If you don’t have a dispensary or convenient way to get store-bought weed, there’s a dealer somewhere in your area. This dealer may even be sourcing his weed from a local grower and by supporting him you’re keeping the money in the community. In these circumstances, everyone wins!

Cons to Black Market Weed

It’s Illegal! Though this has relaxed quite a lot since the legalization of weed in Canada you still run the risk when buying through a dealer of getting caught, facing a fine, or having your drugs confiscated by local authorities. Your dealer runs a risk if caught carrying over a certain amount and if they go to jail then the relationship is lost for some time and you need to find a new supplier which brings about new risks as well.

Limited Selection Though some dealers will have a friend who makes edibles and be able to supply you with the odd cookie or brownie when it comes to bud especially the selections can be very limited. Especially when comparing to a dispensary where you can read reviews or ask the budtender for a specific feeling or high with your local black market dealer in some areas you’ll be lucky to have a choice between Sativa or Indica and in some cases they don’t know the strain that they’re selling themselves.

Uncertainty When buying from a new dealer for the first time a lot of factors can be at play for uncertainty. Will they show up? What if they try to scam me? Am I confident in what they’re offering me as it’s untested or maybe older or lower quality? What if we get caught and I have to pay a fine? For some, these risks play a larger factor than others and they prefer to pay a bit more for the peace of mind offered through dispensaries.

So Which One Is Better?

As mentioned earlier the demand for black market weed has continued even with legalization indicating that both options have pros and cons that depend entirely on the user, their location, tolerance to risk, and price sensitivity. If you are budget-focused and not picky on your bud, located in a rural area without a good supplier for legal dispensaries, or prefer the discretion/privacy that can be offered through the black market then it is a great choice for you. 

If you want to have many options, don’t mind paying more for convenience, testing, and reducing your overall risk when smoking bud then dispensaries are likely going to be your preference. The longer legalization lasts the more new users will be attracted and more products and services offered until this industry will fill gaps that are currently met by the black market. Maybe then the debate will be over, but likely this is one that will continue for years to come!

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