February 22, 2021

Store-Bought vs Street Cannabis: The Benefits of Dispensaries

Three years after the legalization of weed in Canada, weed dispensaries are found on many corners in urban centers but less frequently in rural areas. Offering countless products to choose from including, buds, edibles, drinks, and more and online services filling any missing gaps and often offering free delivery. On paper, at least the selection and convenience that came with Canada’s legalization seems like the perfect system for every country on the verge of legalization to look at and adopt. However, there continues the ongoing debate between dispensaries and street weed with valid arguments and pros & cons to each side! We’ve written a two part series to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each side.

Store-Bought/Dispensary Weed

With over 1,000 dispensaries now available in Canada, a quick search on our Ganja Gurus tool will help you to find the best way to find dispensary weed in your local area. The convenience, selection, and lack of uncertainty have led to an increase in first-time weed smokers since legalization. Though some gaps are still missing in the market the system is still in the early stages and improvements continue to be made.

Pros to Store-Bought/Dispensary Weed:

It’s Legal, Duh! Being able to walk into a store or order online without worrying about being ticketed, having your goods confiscated, or going to jail is an enticing factor for many new marijuana users. Those that were interested but unwilling to take the risk can now walk into their local store worry-free, speak to their budtender or read our guides on how to pick out a weed strain and walk out with all the equipment they need in one easy trip.

Options Options Options! Walking into a dispensary is similar to a kid in a candy store where the choices can almost overwhelm a new user and be amazing for a connoisseur who wants to try everything. What kind of high do I want? How long do I want it to last? How discrete does it need to be? With the options available in-store and online there is the perfect fit for your preferences! Raw bud, prerolled joints, waxes, concentrates, edibles, drinks, and more  continue to be added to the selection list as the weed industry in Canada continues to grow. 

Advice and Convenience Whether shopping in-store or online you can find advice, reviews, and guidance through your local budtender or online info guide. Budtenders and resources like Ganja Gurus are here to give you recommendations, teach you about new products, and provide you with immediate delivery services or over-the-counter sales. The perfect incentive for new users or even experienced smokers who are looking to expand on their repertoire.

Taxes and Regulations Government oversight on the marijuana industry means that a portion of every purchase through dispensary gives back some money to be reinvested in government programs which often end up back in local communities. On top of this the products found in dispensaries are tested to ensure safe consumption, you know exactly what you are getting and what to expect with the weed you buy from stores.

Cons to Store-Bought/Dispensary Weed

Taxes and regulation The flip side of taxes and regulation is that you end up paying a premium for the extra hands involved. On top of this, some users prefer to aim for a greater high and may require more weed, edibles, etc. to reach the same level that you may be able to from sourcing your own stronger edibles. 

Availability Though many urban centers have no shortage of dispensaries available, many rural areas or small communities do not have as many options available to find weed. Until these dispensaries or delivery options are made available Canada-wide there will always be a gap in the market that will be filled through other means.

Prices Higher prices can scare off some buyers who already have an established relationship with their dealer or are looking for the best bang for their buck. Why pay more for something that you can find on your own? 

Secrecy Similar to being spotted in your local town walking into an adult video store, many people don’t want their neighbors knowing about their business. While ordering online for delivery can operate similar to a black market dealer in terms of discretion, there are areas where this is not an option and you have to go into the local dispensary for your bud. For people with careers or family members that are a little too nosy the public aspect of dispensaries can prevent them from visiting.

Be sure to catch part 2 where we continue the discussions on Dispensary vs Black Market Weed.

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